Saturday, October 07, 2006

First week in October - Blog Reviews

This past week on Eric Deggan’s The Feed, there were two things that caught my eye most - the post on the Neighborhood News Bureau opening and Deggan’s personal recapping of one of my favorite shows, Lost. In an October 1st post, Deggan’s writes about the opening of the NNB being “the birth of a journalism dream.” And although I wish he would’ve mentioned our NNB blog in a better way then in just a quick snippet at the bottom of the post, I’m glad and proud that he wrote about it.

On the Best Bucs Blog, the week starts off with a sigh of relief that the Bucs had a bye week. Thank goodness. This week they don’t and will take on the New Orleans Saints at 1 p.m. on Sunday, October 8th, not Tuesday, October 10th as the blog states.

And in the Journal of a Photographer, Martin Fuchs photographed New York Fashion Week. Under assignment for an Austrian celebrity magazine called Seitenblicke, he got some great backstage shots and had 14 of his photographs published in the magazine.